Building the next generation Games Industry

Our vision is a Norwegian Games Industry where equality, artistic quality, innovative design, and decent working conditions provide tangible advantages for games companies in the global competition for talent, publishers, investors, and markets.  

industry data

The Norwegian Games Industry in 2020

Public subsides
Turnover from export
98 %
Premium games sold
Playing Norwegian games
Permanent employment
94 %
Portion of female employees
20 %

About us

Noneda, the Norwegian Network for Video Games Companies, is seeking to establish an Arena cluster in Innovation Norway’s Norwegian Innovation Clusters Programme.

Our aim is to build the next generation Games Industry. Our vision is an industry that measures up to the demands for diversity, creativity, and innovation in a modern workplace and utilizes these traits to the industry’s advantage in a global marketplace.

2.3m NOK/year

3+ years

Dedicated staff

2-3 people

Main focus

Access more capital, recruit more broadly and share more knowledge

Investment Fund for Games Companies

Establish the framework for an independent Investment Fund forVideo Games companies in Norway, in collaboration with financial servicescluster(s) and the public sector.

Increase share of women in Games Companies

Workshops, mentoring, events and guidelines on hiring practices andcreating a diverse workplace, including but not limited to the gender gap.

Resource pool for compliance

Establish partnerships with specialists, develop pool of legalresources for companies dealing with compliance issues.Examples: Contracts,Copyright IP, Tax.

Investor Network with Mentor Programme

 Develop Investor Network similar to «Games Capital Summit», including a Mentor Programme connecting companies with experienced investors in specific fields.

Educational and Research Network with Intern Programme

Form network with educational and research institutions, and theGames industry. The network will also assist and facilitate student internships.

Internationalization of cluster companies

Networking events in preparation for international events, commercialisation, cooperation on strategies, evaluating performance, cooperating with partners on event participation.